How to Clean Suede Shoes with Household Products at Home

If you have a new pair of suede shoes, then you must be very careful on how will they survive when you go out with your friends? Yes, suede shoes are the type of leather shoes, but they are vulnerable to scuff marks because they are sanded to give complete velvet like finish. All this process gives a soft and velvety look to the suede shoes. These types of leather shoes become porous and thus vulnerable to scuff marks and stains. Although it is not easy to clean the stains from leather shoes but still proper care can be done. Here I would like to discuss various methods on how to clean suede shoes using household products.

how to clean suede shoes

Method 1:

How to Clean Mud off Suede Shoes:

  • To clean the dirt and scuff marks, you need a suede cleaning brush. Before brushing your shoes, you have to make sure that shoes are completely dry. Once your shoes are dry, then you can clean the dirt with the help of a special suede brush. You have to purchase a suede cleaning brush from the market because it is a unique soft brush.
  • Brush in the same direction rather than back and forth direction. You should remove the dirt and scuffs when your shoes are dry because dust cannot be removed properly once shoes are wet.
  • If you feel that suede grains are pressed in one direction then brush the shoes vigorously.
  • You can use the special suede eraser or ordinary pencil eraser to remove the tougher marks on the shoes. Apply a moderate amount of pressure on the eraser for a perfect result.
  • Once the shoes are clean, then spray the shoes with a suede protector spray. It will prevent any further stains on the shoes.

Method 2:

How to Remove Water Stains from Suede Shoes:

  • You can quickly remove water stains from the shoes by wetting entire outside the shoes. Now soak the excess water with the help of dry sponge or dry cloth.
  • Take a dry paper and put inside the shoes to blot excess water from inside the shoes. Remember that not to use newspaper because the excess of ink come out of newspaper.
  • Now dry the shoes overnight and let the water to be evaporated. Once the shoes are completely dry then clean the shoes with a suede brush to give an original look to the shoes.

Quick Methods To Clean Suede Boots

Clean Brown Suede Shoes using Baking Soda:

Things you need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Warm Water
  • Small piece of Cloth


You can use baking soda to remove shoe scuffs because baking soda is easily available in every house. First of all, you have to mix two tablespoons of baking soda with warm water and make a thick paste. Now take a small piece of cloth and scrub the paste on the surface of shoes. After that, wipe off the paste with a damp cloth and let the shoes to dry.

Cleaning Suede Shoes Using Nail Polish Remover:

Things you need:

  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton Ball


It is another convenient method to remove stains from the shoes because you just have to dip the cotton ball in nail polish remover. It will eliminate any kinds of marks on the shoe. It is a suitable method for leather shoes. In the end, you can also use petroleum jelly or Vaseline on how to protect suede shoes.

Petroleum Jelly best Suede Cleaner:

Things you need

  • Petroleum Jelly
  • A piece of Cloth


Petroleum jelly can be used to make the shoes as good as new. First of all, apply petroleum jelly to a cloth and rub the area of shoes. After that take a damp cloth and wipe off petroleum jelly from the shoes.

Cleaning Suede Boots with the use of Erasers:

Things you need:

  • A Regular Pencil Eraser


A regular pencil eraser can be used to clean the lightly scuff areas of the shoes. You can use the eraser from both suede shoes and vinyl shoes but first of all, remove any kind of dust from the surface of shoes and then gently rub eraser on the marks.

Additional Stain Cleaning Methods

White Vinegar for Stubborn Stains:

You can clean stubborn road line stains with the help of white vinegar. For effective cleaning, dip a piece of cloth in white vinegar and wipe off the stained surface of your shoes. This method is useful for any kind of food stains as well.

Corn Starch for Oily Stains:

  1. Grease stains are not easy to remove; still, you can remove them using warm water.
  2. In order to remove grease stains from your shoes, you need talcum powder or corn starch. Sprinkle talcum powder on the surface of shoes and leave it overnight.
  3. Next morning, remove the powder and rub the stain with the help of suede brush using warm water. This method is very helpful in removing grease or oil stains from your suede boots.

Freezing method for Chewing gum Removal:

In the case of chewing gum or wax stuck on the sole of shoes or anywhere in the shoes, you have to freeze your shoes for few hours. Freezing will make easier for you to chip off the chewing gum or wax from the surface of shoes.

Using Alcohol for Ink Stains:

In case of ink stains, you have to use alcohol and remove ink by rubbing a cotton ball dip in alcohol. If it is fresh ink stain, then sandpaper or suede eraser can prove to be useful.

Using peroxide for Blood Stains:

Blood stains are also stubborn stains, and they are not easy to remove. If you want to clean suede shoes blood stains then you have to use peroxide. Dip a cotton ball in peroxide and rub on the stains until they are completely removed.

How to Take Care of Suede Shoes:

  1. If you wear suede shoes for daily purpose, then you should clean them with a brush every day after using them, and they will remain as good as new.
  2. If you notice that color of your shoes started to fade away, then you can use the suede shoe dye of the same color and give them a new look.
  3. Make sure to spray stain protector and water before wearing the shoes. Clean them with a brush first, it will help to avoid any kind of stains during the day, and you won’t have to face problems in washing them.
  4. Try not to wear such delicate suede sneakers during the rainy season when going outside.
  5. In case of tough and stubborn stains, it is better to take help from the professional suede shoe cleaner. Try too many things on your shoes can harm their looks and don’t do an excessive rubbing.
  6. Don’t use dry cleaning solvents because they may contain harmful chemicals that are not suitable to use at home.
  7. If you don’t have to use suede shoes for a longer period, then it is better to wrap them in tissue paper and keep them in the shoe box. Store them in a place where there is not too much humidity or light. Excess light will harm the color of shoes, and in moisture, shoes can become moldy.


Suede shoes are made up of soft material, and they are vulnerable to stains. By following the above methods on how to clean suede shoes, it will become easier for you to take care of your suede boots. All these materials must be available at your home so why not use them for the cleaning of suede shoes.